Zoom white speed

Zoom white Speed

Zoom White Speed Teeth Whitening is a quick and long-lasting teeth whitening solution. It can effectively whiten teeth rapidly in just one session and maintain the whiteness for an extended period. This eliminates the need for frequent dental visits or the repeated purchase of at-home teeth whitening products. It is highly suitable for individuals with limited time who still desire visible teeth whitening results.

The benefits of Zoom White Speed Teeth Whitening:

  • Faster results compared to at-home teeth whitening.
  • Takes a short amount of time for the whitening process.
  • No discomfort experienced during the teeth whitening procedure.
  • Can achieve up to 8 levels of whitening.
  • Guarantees at least a 3-shade improvement in whiteness.
  • The whitening solution and light energy used are safe for oral use.

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