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Dental Filling

Dental filling is the use of a filling material to close a cavity or hole that has formed in a tooth, preventing bacteria or food particles from entering and causing further damage to the tooth structure.

Amalgam is the most commonly used material because it is quick and durable.

Composite resin is a tooth-colored material suitable for individuals with cavities on the front teeth, providing beauty and strength.”

In cases where there is significant tooth loss, direct restoration with fillings may be challenging. This is because the substantial loss of tooth structure can make it difficult to recreate the natural appearance of the tooth. Especially in positions subject to considerable chewing forces, there may be an increased risk of fracture.

Benefits of Inlays, Onlays and Overlays

  • Reinforce tooth structure, withstand chewing forces, and provide greater durability than traditional fillings.
  • Protect the remaining tooth structure and prevent fractures.
  • Serve as an alternative to full crowns when patients have minimal tooth problems.
  • Ceramic materials used in crowns do not change color over time or stain from food.
  • Enhance aesthetics and appear more natural than amalgam fillings.
  • Some designs do not cover the gum line, making cleaning around the edges easier.
  • Reduce material shrinkage after light exposure and minimize post-treatment tooth sensitivity.
  • Shorten treatment time with CAD/CAM technology for computer-aided design and manufacturing, allowing for the preparation of materials outside the mouth in cases of multiple or large reconstructions.
  • Shield against heat or irritation during material placement in the mouth due to external crown preparation.
  • Have a long lifespan.

Dental Scaling

Scaling is the removal of dental plaque and tartar, the hardened deposits that adhere to the surface of teeth and below the gumline. It is an essential part of dental cleaning and gum disease treatment. Everyone should undergo scaling at least once a year.


Airflow Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Scaling


The use of Airflow in dental cleaning, along with scaling, enhances the effectiveness of plaque removal. Airflow is a device that utilizes a combination of water and air pressure in a single step. It also incorporates fine abrasive powder, making it more efficient in removing stubborn deposits on teeth. It is particularly effective in eliminating tightly adhered deposits, such as those from tobacco or stains from coffee and tea. This method proves to be highly efficient and does not adversely affect tooth sensitivity.

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