Post-Dental Filling Care

Post-Dental Filling Care Guidelines:

  1. In the case of silver amalgam fillings, avoid chewing on the newly filled tooth area for approximately 1 day. Chewing too soon may cause the recently filled tooth to crack or break.
  2. If a tooth cracks or breaks, promptly return to the dentist for correction, as it may lead to further damage.
  3. If you experience any discomfort, biting sensitivity, or feel something stuck in the filled tooth area, return to the dentist for evaluation and necessary adjustments.
  4. Teeth with extensive decay may not be treatable with dental fillings alone. Dental crowns may be required. If the decay has reached the nerve, root canal treatment may be necessary before filling.
  5. Dental fillings come in two types:
    – Metallic fillings, often used for molars due to their durability and ability to withstand chewing forces.
    – Composite resin fillings, tooth-colored and preferred for front teeth due to their aesthetic appeal. Avoid using front teeth with composite resin fillings to bite or chew hard foods, as it may cause the filling material to chip or break.
  6. Reduce or refrain from smoking, drinking tea, and coffee, as these habits may lead to discoloration on the filling material, affecting its appearance.
  7. After dental filling, if any abnormalities arise, such as biting discomfort, sensitivity, or if the filling material cracks or dislodges, promptly return to the dentist.

    Regular dental check-ups every six months are essential for evaluating the condition of filled teeth and ensuring the longevity and health of dental restorations.

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