Veneers and Teeth Whitening

Smile design for Esthetic Veneer

Smile design, or the design of a smile, is a dental treatment approach that begins with the principle of beauty. It can utilize images, digital files, or 3D model formats to simulate the treatment outcome and can be coordinated with various dental specialists, such as oral surgery, orthodontics, gum decoration, and veneer procedures. This ensures that the aesthetic results meet expectations, creating a personalized smile that enhances confidence. Our experienced team of specialized dentists is dedicated to achieving these outcomes.

Advantages of Veneers

  • Helps whiten teeth.
  • Choosing veneers involves minimal or no tooth reduction.
  • It is a cosmetic enhancement limited to specific areas of the tooth surface; there is no need for extensive tooth drilling as in the case of crowns.
  • Enhances resistance to staining from drinks, food, and smoking.
  • Can cover and correct tooth discoloration or imperfections as desired.

Disadvantages of Veneers

  • Caution is needed regarding diet in the initial period since newly applied veneers may not be fully bonded to the tooth surface. It’s advisable to be careful when consuming hard foods.
  • Regular use of a soft toothbrush is recommended. Failure to do so may result in visible wear along the edges that is not easily noticeable.
  • As one ages, gum recession may occur, increasing the likelihood of veneer edges becoming visible if gum health is not maintained.

Teeth Whitening

How are teeth whitening and veneers different?

Although they can both achieve whiter teeth, teeth whitening and veneers, or tooth veneering, are treatments based on fundamentally different principles.

Teeth Whitening focuses on addressing specific tooth discoloration issues by using chemical reactions to stimulate the breakdown of color particles in the tooth structure. Dental veneering, or tooth whitening, involves using dental materials that resemble natural teeth and placing them on the front surface of the teeth. This method can address issues related to color, shape, and alignment of the teeth. It requires a longer process and is more expensive. Importantly, it involves removing a thin layer of tooth structure.

The level of whitening achieved through teeth whitening depends on the natural color of the teeth at the beginning and the number of whitening sessions. The level of whiteness after teeth whitening cannot be guaranteed, unlike dental veneers, where you can consult with your dentist to choose the desired shade.

Teeth Whitening – How much can it whiten teeth?

Teeth whitening can lighten teeth from their original shade by approximately 3-8 shades, depending on how an individual responds to the whitening solution. Before and after the whitening procedure, your dentist will use shade guides to compare and check the level of whiteness, ensuring that you are confident in the results.

If you want to know which treatment is most suitable for your teeth, you can consult with our dentist before deciding on the most appropriate treatment for you.

Teeth Whitening – Who is it suitable for?

Teeth whitening is suitable for everyone who wants to have bright and confident smiles. Teeth whitening can help lighten teeth that have been discolored due to various reasons, such as:

  • Teeth stained from smoking, tea, or coffee.
  • Naturally/yellowish discolored teeth.
  • Teeth that have excessive fluorosis.
  • Teeth with stains from tetracycline antibiotics.

Your dentist may not recommend teeth whitening if you have the following conditions or situations:

  1. You are experiencing other dental problems that require treatment, such as severe gum inflammation, cavities, tooth decay, sensitive teeth, or gum recession.
  2. You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. You are under the age of 13, as your permanent teeth may not have fully erupted, and the tooth nerve pulp is still growing.
  4. You have other medical conditions that may interfere with teeth whitening.

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