Root Canal Treatment Services

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of eliminating bacteria and infected tissue from the root canal space, addressing inflammation or infection. It involves thorough cleaning, application of antimicrobial agents, and, once infection is cleared, filling the root canal. The dentist then seals the tooth with a filling or performs crown restoration to restore the tooth’s appearance and functionality, allowing it to function normally.

Signs that you need root canal treatments

  1. Teeth with deep cavities that penetrate the pulp chamber.
  2. Teeth exhibiting discoloration due to changes caused by tooth death.
  3. Teeth that have experienced traumatic injuries, fractures, or cracks that extend into the pulp chamber.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure:

  1. The dentist will collaborate with the administration of anesthesia, using thin rubber sheets to isolate the problematic tooth from others (Rubber dam).
  2. A hole will be drilled to access the infected or dead pulp tissue and nerves, and the dentist will remove the affected tissues.
  3. The dentist will clean the root canal using an antiseptic solution. Typically, root canal treatment is done in 2-3 sessions to ensure the complete removal of the infected tissue and bacteria.
  4. The root canal will be sealed to prevent reinfection, and the tooth will be restored by filling the canal or applying a crown, as recommended by the dentist.

Root Canal Cleaning is usually performed approximately 1-3 times,

depending on the severity of the infection in each tooth.

*Service fees for root canal treatment.

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