After Root Canal Treatment

After Root Canal Treatment Guidelines:

  1. After root canal treatment, especially in the first instance, you may experience some pain in the first 2-3 days. The discomfort should gradually improve over time. However, if you experience increasing pain or swelling, promptly contact your dentist.
  2. Be cautious when using the treated tooth during the first week after treatment. Consume soft foods and chew using the untreated side. Avoid chewing hard foods on the treated tooth until the final crown or filling is complete.
  3. If the temporary filling material becomes dislodged during root canal treatment, return to the dentist promptly, as oral bacteria can enter the root canal space.
  4. Root canal treatment is a continuous process, and adherence to the scheduled follow-up appointments is crucial. If a patient neglects appointments, and the treated tooth is not attended to in a timely manner, it may eventually require extraction.

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