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Questions about Orthodontic Treatment:

  • Does the treatment planning fee for orthodontic treatment only apply when the patient decides to start the orthodontic process?
  • Therefore, in cases where one wants to consult before making a decision, there is no initial consultation fee for orthodontic treatment.
  • The cost for infection control tools is only 60 Baht.
  • The clinic recommends making an appointment in advance so that the clinic can check the schedule of the available dentist that matches with the patient.
  • The dentist will prioritize treating patients with pre-scheduled appointments. However, walk-in patients can still wait for examination and consultation.

If a patient wants to get braces with a recommended friend, they can inform the staff to find a schedule that matches their needs.

An important factor is to choose an orthodontist with a work schedule that is either directly or closely aligned with our available time. This is the primary consideration. When you come for an appointment to discuss the treatment plan, you can still decide whether to proceed or, before starting the appliance (if necessary, if you decide to change and consult another orthodontist, you can inform the clinic).

Here, there are several orthodontists, and all of them exclusively specialize in orthodontic treatment. The treatment follows the standards that must be certified by the Orthodontic Association. After consultation, you can request the names of the orthodontists for verification. You can check the information at https://thaiortho.org/certified-orthodontist/) Watch our video introducing our orthodontists at https://youtu.be/ivgH3uETT30

There are no restrictions. However, there might be additional steps compared to general cases. It depends on each individual treatment plan. You can consult with your orthodontist for more information.

The initial cost for preparing for braces on the first consultation day is approximately 2,860 Baht, including:

  • X-ray cost: 1,300 Baht
  • 3D dental scan cost: 1,000 Baht
  • Consultation and planning by the orthodontist: 500 Baht
  • Infection control tools cost: 60 Baht

If you consult but decide not to proceed with braces, there is only a consultation fee of 60 Baht for infection control tools.

The initial cost for braces starts at 40,000-50,000 Baht. The monthly installment plan is divided into 4,000 Baht for the first four times, and subsequently 1,000 Baht per installment until the completion of the treatment or until the total amount specified by the orthodontist is reached. The payment schedule is as follows:

  • Month 1: Installation of upper braces – 4,000 Baht (If installing both upper and lower simultaneously, it’s 8,000 Baht).
  • Month 2: Installation of lower braces – 4,000 Baht.
  • Month 3: Wire adjustments – 4,000 Baht.
  • Month 4: Wire adjustments – 4,000 Baht.

    Subsequent months: Wire adjustments, each costing 1,000 Baht until the completion of the treatment or until the total specified amount by the orthodontist is reached. If the treatment is not completed but the payment is fulfilled, there will be no additional wire adjustment fees.

    *** Unless there is a tool detachment, there will be a tool installation cost of 300-500 Baht each.

    The duration of orthodontic treatment is 2-5 years, depending on the complexity of each individual’s teeth. After completing the braces, there will be a maintenance tool cost for both upper and lower braces, totaling 5,000 Baht.

Braces are installed after the preparation of the oral cavity is completed. The clinic emphasizes this significantly. There should not be damaged tooth roots, deep cavities, or significant calculus deposits before attaching the braces. It is not recommended to install braces when there is severe gum inflammation, root issues, or untreated cavities, ensuring the long-term oral health of the patient. Unless in cases where the dentist may have teeth to be extracted later after the braces are attached, which will be communicated for each specific case.

Most dentists typically recommend installing braces on the upper teeth first, allowing the body to adapt to the appliance and the forces applied to the teeth. In some cases, braces may be installed on both upper and lower teeth simultaneously to expedite the correction of the bite. However, this decision can be personalized and discussed with the dentist based on individual circumstances.

Patients who transfer their cases may have different stages of progress with their orthodontic treatment. Some may be close to completion, while others may require further adjustments. Therefore, the costs can vary. The orthodontist will assess and provide information about the costs during the scheduled consultation. Regarding the consultation for orthodontic treatment, there will be no charge if you have not made a decision in this regard.

The only charge is for the sterilization of instruments, which is 60 Baht.

Things to prepare for the initial orthodontic consultation:

  1. Referral letter from the previous orthodontist.
  2. Models or 3D scanned images of your teeth before orthodontic treatment.
  3. X-ray information.

(If you don’t have these documents, you can schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with the orthodontist.)

Questions about preparing the mouth before orthodontic treatment:

You can prepare your mouth by having your teeth filled, cleaning away tartar, extracting wisdom teeth, or removing teeth according to your healthcare entitlement. However, you must inform the orthodontist immediately after consultation to provide accurate information for your treatment. You can choose to clear your mouth at the clinic, which is convenient and efficient, as there is information available to prepare your mouth for braces quickly and appropriately. This is part of the clinic’s system, making coordination more convenient.

Clearing the mouth before orthodontic treatment is considered to be the preparation of the gums and teeth to make them strong and ready for effective and trouble-free orthodontic treatment.

Clearing the mouth may not be necessary all at once, but some things may need to be done to completion before installing the braces. The orthodontist will provide further instructions during the consultation. If the patient wishes to expedite the clearing process, they can consult with our admin team to help plan the treatment.

Question about Orthognathic Surgery

For cases involving orthognathic surgery and braces, the cost is approximately 60,000-75,000 Baht, depending on the complexity of the case.

The surgical cost (depending on the surgeon) is estimated to be between 100,000-250,000 Baht, starting at around 100,000 Baht for each jaw.

In some cases, it may be possible to proceed with braces alone, but in others, if orthognathic surgery is not performed, braces may not be effective. This depends on the jaw structure, tooth alignment, and various other factors. It is crucial to schedule an examination and evaluation to determine a preliminary treatment plan. During your appointment, you can also consult with the orthodontist for additional insights.

Questions about wisdom tooth extraction.

Starting price is 2,000 baht per tooth. For complex cases, it may be around 4,500 baht per tooth, depending on the level of complexity. The complexity can be assessed through X-ray results, considering the direction, root, and alignment of the tooth. You can inquire with the dentist before the treatment.

After wisdom tooth extraction, the gums may swell for approximately the first 2-3 days, and there might be some minor pain. It is recommended to take the prescribed medication from the dentist. The symptoms will gradually improve. If the dentist stitches the wound, it will need to be removed at the scheduled appointment around 7-10 days after the wisdom teeth removal.

Necessary when wisdom teeth start causing problems or X-ray results show improper positioning, such as causing neighboring teeth to become impacted, gum inflammation, or the possibility of cysts in the jawbone. However, not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, and it depends on the dentist’s judgment.

Question about Social Security

Yes, you can use your social security benefits at Poonnakan Dental Clinic. Just bring your ID card on the appointment day to verify your social security entitlements. You can receive services such as dental cleaning, filling, tooth extraction, and wisdom tooth removal without any out-of-pocket expenses within the 900 Baht budget.

If there is an excess amount, you will only need to pay the remaining portion at the clinic.

Individuals eligible to claim dental benefits under social security must be insured under Sections 33 and 39, excluding those insured under Section 40. Additionally, they need to contribute social security funds regularly for at least 3 months within the 15 months prior to the month of receiving dental services.

Braces cannot be claimed under social security, except for the preliminary steps in preparing the oral cavity, such as cleaning, filling, tooth extraction, or wisdom tooth removal.

Question about using social security rights for dentures

Social security covers dentures for the insured within 5 years, divided into 2 types:

1. Partial Dentures
– For 1-5 false teeth, the reimbursement is up to the actual payment within the limit of 1,300 Baht.

– For more than 5 false teeth, the reimbursement is up to the actual payment within the limit of 1,500 Baht.

2.Full Removable Dentures
– For removable dentures on either the upper or lower jaw, the reimbursement is up to the actual payment within the limit of 2,400 Baht (within 5 years from the date of fitting).

  • For removable dentures on either the upper or lower jaw, the reimbursement is up to the actual payment within the limit of 2,400 Baht (within 5 years from the date of fitting).
  • For removable dentures on both the upper and lower jaws, the reimbursement is up to the actual payment within the limit of 4,400 Baht (within 5 years from the date of fitting).
  • In the case of false teeth, patients need to submit documents to the social security office themselves within 2 years from the date stated in the doctor’s certificate. The clinic will provide patients with the necessary documents for submission to social security.

Social security benefits for dental cleaning, filling, tooth extraction, or wisdom tooth removal are available up to 900 Baht per year, while false teeth can be claimed every 5 years.

In the case of dental prosthetics, patients must submit documents to the social security office themselves within 2 years from the date stated on the medical certificate. The clinic will provide the necessary documents to the patient for submission to social security

Social Security benefits for scaling, filling, tooth extraction, or wisdom tooth extraction are claimable up to 900 baht per year. As for dentures, they can be claimed every 5 years.

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