Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign® is a modern clear aligner system that has transformed the smiles of over 15 million people. Made from the comfortable SmartTrackTM material, it is easily removable.

Experience your new smile with the iTero Element scanner. This state-of-the-art device allows for planning your new smile through 3D images obtained with the iTero Element™ Scanner. This marks the starting point for designing a treatment plan tailored to you.

Digital Teeth Scanning

‘iTero’: A New Dimension in 3D Tooth Data Collection

Currently, in the field of dentistry, the technology known as ‘iTero Element’ has introduced a new way for patients to visualize their teeth in 3D. This brings about the convenience of communication between the dentist and the patient, allowing for a realistic view of tooth alignment, gaps, and bite characteristics, all in real-time and more efficiently than traditional model-based data collection.

1. Great Benefit for Invisalign Clear Aligners: It provides a realistic view of tooth models both before and after treatment. This creates satisfaction and a clear mutual understanding of treatment goals. It can also send image files for producing Aligners for patients.

2. Enhanced Comfort over Traditional Impression: It offers a more comfortable experience than traditional mouth impressions, reducing errors and shortcomings associated with impression materials. It can record specific details of teeth and oral tissues with realistic and detailed images.

3. More Accurate and Immediate Production: It results in more precise tooth covering and immediate scan results. The detailed and clear information allows patients to see a model of their treatment before ordering the fabrication, making oral health treatment more effective, convenient, and faster than traditional tooth printing.

4. Digital Image File Collection: There is no risk of breakage or loss as with traditional plaster models. Having beautifully aligned teeth along with good oral health requires a process with various steps that may take time, and there may be some aspects of the results that are not entirely satisfactory. However, with ‘iTero,’ you no longer have to worry, as it ensures that your dental procedures are convenient, fast, accurate, and more satisfying than ever before.

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