After Wearing Dentures

Key Information and Practices After Wearing Dentures

  1. Brush your teeth and dentures after every meal.
  2. Avoid wearing dentures while sleeping to allow your gums to rest and prevent the risk of gum inflammation.
  3. Refrain from using dentures with biting or chewing surfaces, as they may cause the dentures to come loose easily. It’s advisable to avoid using dentures as a substitute for natural teeth.
  4. Avoid consuming excessively hard or sticky foods.
  5. Store cleaned dentures in a container prepared for denture soaking.
  6. Ensure the water level is above the dentures, and soaking helps prevent dentures from drying out, warping, or losing shape.
  7. If you experience pain, discomfort, irritation, or any issues after wearing dentures, promptly consult the dentist who provided the dentures for an immediate checkup and problem resolution.
  8. Schedule regular dental checkups every six months for oral and denture health assessment.
  9. When wearing dentures, have a container with water nearby to prevent dentures from falling onto hard surfaces. This precaution avoids potential damage if dentures slip out of your hands. It is recommended to get dentures made by a dentist with expertise in denture fabrication. Be cautious of advertisements promoting cheap dentures without professional expertise.
  10. Whenever dentures are not in use, immerse them in denture soaking solution or plain water. Avoid leaving them exposed to air, as this can cause dentures to lose their shape or become warped.

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